texas art of massage llc

Healing With Passion


 Texas Art of Massage is dedicated to promoting and providing quality massage and body work to clients to help them achieve more balanced way of functioning.. Calming and quieting the mind and repairing and rejuvenating their bodies for optimal health and clarity. For a difference you can feel.

Living in intention. Relax the Mind, Revive the Body and Renew the Spirit




The goal and focus is to make available quality reliable massage and body work healing clean, safe, and therapeutic in positive environment..


Offering affordable, personalized service while enhancing the experience of investing in self care. Providing a private professional office that will engage your senses. 

As a Healer, I offer experience and professionalism of 29 years with compassion and positive engagement. Providing clients with quality they can depend on and experience they can trust. I will never suggest or refer my clients  a therapy or a treatment I have not had experience in myself. I am devoted to improving the quality of your life based on how you feel.



How we are different from other massage therapy establishments: 

We don't rely on memberships to keep us going. We rely on referrals from satisfied clients. Our focus is to create an environment and service worthy of your loyalty, recommendation and trust.


Provide a clean safe private facility. Your comfort is of importance to us. When you are in the studio the time is yours. We schedule time in between client to help keep privacy in consideration. You are neither rushed or held up.



View our appointment book online. Choose your day and time based on your schedule. Book your appointment online., so all you have to do is show up and breathe! 


     I believe the human body has everything with in it to heal, naturally. Emotions are over 90% of the reason for the imbalance in our physical bodies. The techniques I use will help release these attachments and help you move through your healing with ease and peace in your heart and mind. We live in a world of polarity. We know if we don't try to heal, healing will not be. The opposite will also have to be true. If we do try, we will be healed.